World Radio Corporation-Antique Radios

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World Radio Corporation-Antique Radios

World Radio Corporation was located in Boston Massachusetts on 349 Washington St, now a Wendys hamburger restaurant,also in Long Island New York and Providence.They ended their production of radios in late 1927 .They made only three models that I know of ,the Standard in 1926 ,the D-5 in 1926 and the Compact in 1927.All models were battery operated table top, five tube  TRF sets.I have all three models completely restored inside and out,they all look and work like new.If you have any information to share on this antique Radio company I would be very thankful to hear from you,just click on the email address at the bottom,I thank you for your time 

Thanks again,  all the best Rick 


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 1926 World Radio Corporation model- Standard five tube table top TRF

Model Compact - 1926 Battery Operated Table top

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